недеља, 20. март 2011.


Fyono ( real name Danilo Crnogorac, born June 26, 1990 in Kragujevac, Serbia ) is a, deep house and progressive house and minimal techno producer. He started producing when he was 14 years old and 4 years after he released his first EP, 'Test it stereo', as Clubbism Technology. Clubbism was Serbian electro house duo, and it's members Fyono and Insolitus had few more releases under that name. In June 2009 Fyono continued with Clubbism project alone, after Insolitus decided to quit with music production. 

Fyono's first solo release was 'Remember' EP, released by Kernel Records in April 2009. After that he was releasing for some well-known labels, such as Vurtical Records, Seta Label, Plusquam Records, Insomnia FM Records, DP-6 Records and many more.

Danilo has two more projects, one for future garage, dubstep, dnb, breakbeat, as Inarticulate Harmony, and another one for funky house, Flawless Funk.

His tracks were supported by some well-known artist, like Lissat & Voltaxx, Daniel Portman, Eelke Kleijn, Darin Epsilon,  Jorgensen, Claes Rosen, Gai Barone, Gramophonedzie...

In the beginning of 2010 he founded digital record label "Cloud Of Silence", based on progressive house and deep house, and only few months later sublabel "Kidz Luv Tekkno", based on minimal, techno and tech house tracks.

In decembar 2010 he created podcast called "Music For A Suicide Ride". Mixes from this podcast contain various styles, mostly deep house and chill out and they are, as Danilo says, 'mixed badly but with a lot of emotions'.

Beside this podcast, he has a show on Fnoob radio [ GB ], where he presents fresh tracks from his exclusive monthly Beatport chart. Occasionaly he has shows on Qs [ NL ], Touch [ SRB ] Tronic B7 [ BR ] and In Sound [ SRB ]. He also had performed on Insomnia FM [ RO ], Deep In  [ GR ], Urban City [ SRB ] and Radio Klub [ FR ].